About Lenox


Lenox started its business life in Paris in 1995 and has been active in various countries in Europe such as Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, Netherlands, Spain and Luxemburg. Our company; He has been active in Textile, Medical, Sterile Clothing, Single Use Product Production and Packaging sectors.

As of 2006, it has moved its commercial activities out of Europe, to Africa and Asia.

In 2009, it established a Paper Recycling Factory in Casablanca, Morocco. Our company, which also bought the Stade Abidjan Super League football team in the Ivory Coast, has also stepped into the sports sector.

Continuing to provide investment consultancy, import and export consultancy services in the regions where it operates and in the sectors in which it operates, Lenox continues to increase its targets by increasing its value in international trade day by day.

Our Lenox company, which was active in Istanbul about a year and a half ago, has been working intensively on international trade, it is our consultancy area of ​​various sectors, import and export market

Having a pioneering position in its sector, Lenox; It is one of the brands preferred by its customers with its always open approach to innovations, its vision that closely follows technological trends and its customer satisfaction oriented service.